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Amazing (4).JPG

Amazing (2017)

MATERIALS Powder coated steel
LOCATION 9 Mile Reserve, Lachlan Valley Way (South Condobolin Road), Forbes

Imagine travelling along the stock route, discovering a massive word nestled in amongst the dry golden grasses and majestic red river gums. 


A word that would get its feet wet in floods, say “G'day” to the passing cattle and drovers in the dry times and glisten in the frosty mornings on a sunny winter's day...that would be amazing! 

'Amazing', spelt out in two and half metre high red letters, was the first large scale sculpture to be installed on the Sculpture Down the Lachlan trail.


The letters are made from eight tonnes of steel, sub-framed with heavy plate and a 3-millimetre powder coated outer skin.  

About the Sculptors

Rosie Johnston (Forbes, NSW) & the Forbes Community

'Amazing' is a wonderful example of community enthusiasm and energy. This sculpture was designed by local artist Rosie Johnston, and fabricated and installed by local farmers, tradespeople and engineers who volunteered their time, in true country spirit. 

​It took three years between the construction of the first letter, ‘a’ and its installation along the Lachlan Valley Way.   

The Amazing Forbes NSW destination brand, adopted by Forbes Shire Council in 2017, is based off the iconic sculpture’s typography and vibrant red colour.   

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