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Inside Out (3).JPG

Inside Out (2015)

LOCATION Albion Park, corner of Lachlan & Grenfell Streets, Forbes

Channelling Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’, with its pensive stature. However, with this piece, ambiguity is cast aside.

Actively clothed in philosophical quotes, as they swirl and spiral around the figure, little is left to wonder. The result is stimulation of the eyes, emotions and mind.

Drawing inspiration from Rodin’s iconic sculpture, Roger created a series of small clay sculptures to be used as reference points for the larger sculpture. The maquettes took on Rodin’s classical example but were simplified (from the curved original) to form basic, angular components.  The surfaces looked more like a series of facets rather like a gemstone.

One of the maquettes was selected to guide the proportions for welding a steel armature.  The armature formed a skeletal infra-structure, strong enough to support multiple layers of steel mesh and concrete.

The facet design and fragmented surfaces were perfect for creating different planes for different thoughts. There, they could co-exist whilst also being viewed as separate ideas. To achieve this, a range of media was used including spray paint, oil paint, oil sticks and finally a varnish. The entire process took nine months.

About the Sculptor

Roger Bennie (London, UK)

Since the installation of ‘Inside Out’, Roger has relocated from Australia to London where he continues to exhibit his work. Roger works in a bronze foundry, creating his own sculptures as well as metal work for other artists.

His most recent exhibition, ‘Disintegration’ was exhibited at London’s The Limehouse Gallery.

Roger is currently working on a new body for artwork for his next London exhibition. He has also submitted designs for more civic installations locally and in the capital.

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