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Pyramid (4).JPG

Pyramid (2014)

LOCATION Albion Park, corner of Lachlan & Grenfell Streets, Forbes

The 1.9 metre high bronze piece was created as a symbol of community and friendship. The iconic characters depicted in this sculpture represent supporting each other despite differences, in a stand for love and acceptance. 

The sculpture was part of the project 'Travel Everywhere With Love' – a united stand for peace and harmony. The project was born out of conviction that it’s more important than ever to put aside our differences and protect each other through love and acceptance.


Sculptors, Gillie and Marc generously donated this striking piece to the community of Forbes in 2015.  

“The whole point of contemporary art is polarising - people love it or hate it and everyone has their own opinion about it.” 

About the Sculptors

Gillie and Marc Schattner (Sydney, NSW)

Creating some of the world’s most innovative public sculptures, Gillie and Marc have re-defined what public art should be, spreading messages of love, equality, and conservation around the world. Their highly coveted sculptures and paintings can be seen in art galleries and public sites in over 250 cities.  

Referred to by the media as “the world’s most loving artists”, this artistic husband and wife team have worked side by side for 27 years, creating art as one and spreading the love they have for each other with the world.  

The artists are best known for their beloved characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, who tell the autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together to become best friends and soul mates.


As unlikely animal kingdom companions, the Rabbit and the Dog stand for diversity and acceptance through love. Gillie and Marc believe art is a powerful platform for change. Their art is multi-disciplinary, paying homage to the importance of togetherness, as well as the magnificence of the natural world, and the necessity of preserving it – for we are it, and it is us. 

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