Sonata (2022)

MATERIALS Corten Steel
LOCATION Warroo Reserve, Warroo Road off Lachlan Valley Way.

Sonata explores the delicate relationships between humans and nature.


The bull represents the powerful forces of nature in contrast to the fragility of the child and her violin. It is as if the bull is held under a spell by her music.


At the heart of it, Sonata expresses the need for an accord with nature. When properly appeased, the raging bull can become surprisingly tender. This sculpture is especially significant at this moment in human history. It explores our relationship with nature and of the delicate and careful balance required if we are to survive the challenges of climate change and viral pandemic.


“Our process began with research and drawings. Our friend’s enthusiastic daughter was our live model for the child figure. She chose the outfit, gumboots and all!” - Suzie Bleach. 


The figures were then composed of hundreds of individual 3mm Corten steel plates which were formed using blacksmithing techniques. Each panel was hammered or pressed to assume the desired form. The 800 kilogram piece took seven months to sculpt. 

About the Sculptors

Suzie Bleach and Andrew Townsend (Bega Valley, NSW)

Video courtesy of Bega Valley Regional Gallery.