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The Hunter (4).JPG

The Hunter (2015)

MATERIALS Corten and powder coated steel
LOCATION Gum Swamp Wildlife Refuge, Forbes. Head down Warrul Road, then turn left onto Greens Road. 

A sharp, dynamic and powerful sculpture, the award-winning hunter is the epitome of focus and intent.  

The angular form and meteoric tail give the impression of explosive speed and deadly intent, the aggressive position of the bird is tempered by a graceful curvature of the wings that describe the elegant majesty of an apex predator. 

The expression of movement and tension is amplified by its position on a plinth that leans in the direction of the bird’s gaze.


This 4.2 metre tall, 2.5 metre wide corten steel bird of prey won first prize in the 2016 Sculpture Forbes Acquisition Prize. 

The Hunter was the winner of the 2016 Sculpture Forbes Acquisition Prize.  

About the Sculptor

Damian Vick (Melbourne, VIC)

Damian Vick is a leading Melbourne based artist, working predominantly in sculpture and installations.  

Emerging from a background in graphic design, his search for a more expressive and physical medium led him to focus his energy and passion for metal, engineering and craftsmanship in 2008. 

The natural world, its patterns and underlying principles constitute a major theme in his work. Using metals, timber and other natural materials, his aesthetic explores a landscape that ranges from bold and structured to lyrical and organic. 

As a leading Melbourne artist, his award-winning works has been featured in exhibitions, blogs, magazines, and television shows. 

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