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Utes in the Paddock (2007)

LOCATION Intersection of The Gipps Way & Lachlan Valley Way, Condobolin

Finish (or start) your adventure down the Lachlan at Condobolin’s iconic Utes in the Paddock outdoor exhibition.  

A quirky display of 17 Holden Utes, painted by prominent Australian and local artists. It all started when local farmers Jana and Graham Pickles headed off on a well-deserved holiday across the United States, travelling the famed Route 66. They were drawn to an unusual attraction named 'Cadillac Ranch', located in western Texas. Intrigued by the ranch’s popularity, the Pickles returned with the inkling of a notion. Locals donated the vehicles, gifted artists donated their time and talent, and in August 2007 an art attraction without parallel was born. 

The quirky outdoor gallery draws thousands of visitors to the Lachlan Shire each year to discover and share in the celebration of outback life.  

About the Utes

1. Circle Work by John Murray

As described by John, Circle Work is the practice of madly driving a ute flat out in circles, usually performed ‘bundied up’ at a Bachelors and Spinsters Ball (the traditional bush get together for young blokes and ladies.

2. Ute-opia by Stephen Coburn

The beginning of Ute EJ62 has been lost and therefore has no particular place of origin other than the highway, and it is only by chance that it has ended up here.

3. Emute by Peter Browne

Emute features many of Peter’s signature emus along with an echidna, classic bush characters and the requisite dog set against vibrant outback hues with spontaneous splashes of colour across the bonnet.

4. Clancy Stops the Overflow by Peter Mortimore

This larrikin's story of a truly heroic feat to avert a disastrous and tragic spillage of outback liquid gold is Peter Mortimore's humourous interpretation of a classic Australian legend, painted on a VS Ute.

5. Drizakubra by Belinda Williams

Inspired by breaking news released in October 2008 that one of the best known Australian brand names, Driza-Bone was back under full local ownership, Belinda Williams took on the brave task of transforming a WB Ute into the quintessential outback stockman.

6. Dame Edna's Looute by Karen Tooth

Three Aussie icons united: the out-the-back dunny, a Holden Ute and Dame Edna. This comic surprise has a deeper meaning – an exploration of Australian society's evolution.

7. Go Vegemite by Rob Keen

”I said, ‘Do you speak-a my language?’ He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich. I come from a land down under…” – Down Under by Men at Work.

8. The Stockman by Michael Jones

You can almost feel the heat rising off the weathered face of Michael Jones' portrait of a hard working indigenous stockman painted on the side of a FC Ute.

9. Central West Medley by Eris Fleming

A collection of Eris Fleming's colourful paintings adorn this EK Ute. True to his style, Eris takes us on a delightfully playful journey down memory lane to meet an array of characters from a bygone era.

10. Golden Valley by Greg Brennan

Greg Brennan's Golden Valley celebrates the contribution agricultural pursuit has, and continues to make to the health of our country's economy. Agriculture has been the backbone of industrial enterprise throughout New South Wales from its earliest colonial days.

11. Ute of Arms by Brad Brown & Scott Edwards

What more fitting place could there be for the first model Holden FX Ute than at the heart of Brad Brown and Scott Edwards' industrial artwork Ute of Arms?

12. Camels: First Outback Utes by Clark Barrett

During those droughts the tracks to remote communities were frequently closed to foot and horse traffic. Without the camels those communities and properties wouldn't have survived.

13. Supplementary Feeder by Bill O'Shea

When feed is scarce and livestock are hungry, a bale in the Ute is life or death story. The humming and squeaking as it crosses hard ground, brings cattle running from a long way around. Cause the Ute in the paddock is a promising sound.

14. The Mute Ute by Kristin Coburn

The Mute Ute is a tribute Ute to the artist’s partner, Wayne Goodwin (1950 – 2008). Goodwin was a celebrated country fiddle player who spent most of his career playing with the renowned country music star Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band.

15. Wiradjuri 'Uth' Story by Condobolin Youth Services

Rivers running through the area bring life to the land as suggested by the colour white. U shapes show where people gather around white circle waterholes and black circle campfires. Gathering in such a manner is strong tradition for the Wiradjuri people.

16. UBUTE by Eryn Mullins

The sport of Kings on a Kingswood Ute. The depiction of Picnic Races in the outback on a trusty workhorse. Picnic races are an important cultural and social event, featuring high fashion, low fashion, the betting, the winning and losing, and dedicated racing enthusiasts from all sectors of the communities.

17. Cool Running backed by Ned by Paul Blahuta

Famous outlaw Ned Kelly stays true to form as he pulls off another holdup. This time the victim is the artist, who felt compelled to use Ned’s form and story as an integral part of outback history.

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