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Waiting for Rain.jpg

Waiting for Rain (2018)

MATERIALS Corten steel and enamel paint
LOCATION Corner of Lachlan and Rankin Streets, Forbes

Waiting for Rain represents the importance of seasonal rainfall for farming communities.


Sculptor, Jimmy Rix was compelled to create the piece following a trip to Forbes in 2018 amidst the drought.


“On my journey from Victoria I was shocked by the extent of the drought."


“A lot of childhood memories came back to me of watching the rain clouds developing and hoping rain would fall on our crops. When it did rain, it always brought a happy and positive energy to our household. I made this work hoping that it would be the lucky charm to break the drought.”

“A coincidence perhaps, but after collecting the work [from Sculpture by the Sea] it poured the entire way home. The drought was broken. I hope it brings good luck to the Forbes community for decades to come” - Jimmy Rix.

This piece originally featured in Sculpture by the Sea 2019, Bondi where it was awarded the coveted Waverley Council Mayor’s Award.

About the Sculptor

Jimmy Rix (Malmsbury, VIC)

Jimmy Rix’s sculptures often relate to personal experiences and familiar objects. Having lived within both natural and farmed Australian landscapes throughout his life, rebellious kangaroos, machine-horse hybrids, playful sheep and utilitarian objects have inevitably been cast as the actors of his narrative-based works. In these sculptures a sense of humour, an engagement with Australiana, an interest in scale and a concern for the environment are often the underlying themes and inspiration. 

His ability to envision and execute enormous works in steel has led to Rix receiving many impressive public sculpture commissions and inclusions into a large number of outdoor exhibitions. Jimmy has a history of exhibiting with Sculpture by the Sea, Sculpture on the Edge, Lake Lights Sculpture Prize and Hillview Biennial.  

Jimmy is represented by Australian Galleries.  

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