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Varanus (11).JPG

Varanus (2020)


LOCATION Gum Swamp Wildlife Refuge, Forbes. Head down
Warrul Road, then turn left onto Greens Road. 

Anyone who has been camping in the bush has probably seen a lace monitor. The second largest goanna, it grows up to 2 metres in length. The sand goanna (dhuliiny) grows up to 2.5 metres.  

The goanna is of special significance to Wiradjuri people as a totamic animal, and a food source particularly during tough times.  

They were very important in the survival of the Wiradjuri people. The bigger the gugaa, the more people fed. Contented bellies meant a contented tribe. 

This sculpture tells of the significant of Gugaa to the Wiradjuri people.  

Varanus stands 5.5 metre tall, 20 metres from tongue to tail, and was crafted from 3.5 tonnes of steel over 3,500 hours to construct. 

About the Sculptor

Glen Star (Alstonville, NSW)

Glen Star is the man behind Star Steel Art. Based in Alstonville NSW, Glen is a multi-award-winning sculptor who is renowned for his large-scale steel designs.

Through his own unique style of solid plate and open bar design work, Glen manages to capture and convey emotion, fluidity and character.

With extensive experience working in cultural heritage, Glen frequently collaborates with Indigenous Elders - honouring and preserving dream time stories and creating pieces of cultural significance.

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