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Within - Without (2022)

LOCATION Marsden Road, off Lachlan Valley Way, Condobolin.

Within - Without (Of Land and Spirit) is a representation of the underlying patterns formed in nature, and the interconnection that exist between them. 

That interconnection must be respected. When links are broken, such as the extinction of flora or fauna, the whole system becomes vulnerable and can ultimately collapse.

Greg Johns, in collaboration with boilermaker Darryl Mcfarlane of Demill Enginneering, constructed the 3-tonne geometric piece using hundreds of solid 25mm mild steel units, each cut from solid steel plate. The five-metre-high pod, formed from open hexagonal units, offers vastly different patterns when viewed from different angles.


“The public can see through the form to the surrounding landscape, and this connection to the surrounding landscape is important. When you move around the sculpture, which continually changes visually, a negative figure suddenly appears from one angle. The intended implication is of a protective spirit figure within the organic pod form. So, deep, profound guardianship of place as a priority is a message this sculpture hopefully conveys" - Greg Johns. 

Within - Without (Of Land And Spirit) speaks of these micro–macro links and of the critical role guardianship should play in protecting the links.

About the Sculptor

Greg Johns (Adelaide, SA)

Greg Johns is one of Australia’s best known and most successful contemporary sculptors. He has been making sculptures for public spaces for 45 years. During that time, Johns has completed major commissions in Australia and internationally, as well as exhibiting annually in solo/major group shows in Australia, New York, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.


In 2001 Johns initiated an independent sculpture and environmental landscape at Palmer, South Australia. In 2012 he was the recipient of the McClelland Museum Sculpture Prize. A second monograph by John Neylon, “Edge Of Time” was published in 2015.


Some of John's major commissions include, “From The Centre – To The Centre” (2016), “Landlines” Gawler Entrance (2017), “To The Centre” England (2018/19), "M8 Expressway project" Sydney (2020). "Within - Without" is one of four major commissions to be installed in 2022.

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